Contact form 7 UIKIT3 and yootheme pro

The standards are changing so is UIKIT yootheme decided to migrate to UIKIT3 for contact form 7 thisis essential as the following will not work on yootheme pro <div class=”uk-form“> [text* name placeholder “Name”]<br /> [email* email placeholder “Email”]<br /> [textarea* message placeholder “message”]<br /> [submit “Send”] </div> the contact form 7 needs to look […]

WPML multilingual website and Widgetkit 2

I came across this question couple of times on how to make a multilingual website using wpml or x-translate and widgetkit Basically you need to have 2 widgets created, one for each language. the trick now that i will show you is how to have each widget appearing on the appropriate language

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