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No text or font after windows 10 upgrade

This is a hot topic that i found and it creates a huge problems as some computers in the network after upgrading to windows 10 anniversary edition 1703 the fonts break

this cannot be easily fixed as when you upgrade a custom windows to anniversary edition you don t even have in recovery options to return t previous build


try this


Another command you should run is the cleanup driver. Press Windows key + X, click Command Prompt (Admin) then type the following command and hit Enter on your keyboard. Restart your computer when complete. This should help with the notorious failed or non-responsive installation during the driver migration.

rundll32.exe pnpclean.dll,RunDLL_PnpClean /DRIVERS /MAXCLEAN


use ctrl+c and ctrl+v as command prompt nothing will be visible

Contact form 7 UIKIT3 and yootheme pro

The standards are changing so is UIKIT yootheme decided to migrate to UIKIT3

for contact form 7 thisis essential as the following will not work on yootheme pro

<div class=”uk-form“>
[text* name placeholder “Name”]<br />
[email* email placeholder “Email”]<br />
[textarea* message placeholder “message”]<br />
[submit “Send”]

the contact form 7 needs to look like this so it s styled according to the theme

[text* name class:uk-input placeholder “Name”]<br />
[email* email class:uk-input placeholder “Email”]<br />
[textarea* message class:uk-input placeholder “message”]<br />
[submit class:uk-button “Send”]

Style a text separator in Joomla and WordPress

If you ever wondered how to style a text separator without adding extra classes to menus this is the way to go


#some_id a[href=”#”] {
background: none ;


.some_class a[href=”#”] {
background: none ;

Disable srcset in WP

Lately i noticed that pictures i uploaded are a bit blurry and when i checked my code using firebug i noticed some srcset in my images
This is a new feature in WP used for responsive images but i guess they need to work on it a bit. If you wish to disable it

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