Install featured image on widget positions without too many plugins – WordPress

In this tutorial you will learn how to install featured images from wordpress and they will appear as header images in the size you want

Install plugins Widget Logic

in functions.php at the bottom add

//add php text widget support
function php_execute($html){
if(strpos($html,”<“.”?php”)!==false){ ob_start(); eval(“?”.”>”.$html);
return $html;


then in whatever widget position you want add the featured image add a text widget

if you dont want that widget to appear in the homepage you need to install a plugin called widget logic and add in it the code
!is_home() && !is_front_page()    –> this code is from widget logic customizations and you can customize according to your needs


Please note that if you don t want the small thumbnails to appear that yootheme framework adds the you can either add a custom.css and hide them or override _post.php, single.php and page.php

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